Monday, February 11, 2008

Rebuild on hold

After this past weekend's session, I mentiond to the other players that I was feeling a total tear-down rebuild of the system. Start from scratch, you know? But I changed my mind. Everyone else says they're enjoying it as-is. And the rebuild I have in mind is going to be pretty severe. So, instead of messing with the system mid-game I'll save all those ideas for a new system.


Mark Causey said...

I do want to see the new one as you work through it, though.

Thomas said...

Our group may be getting back to Shadowrun, but we really dislike the current ruleset. I was interested in your SC version and was thinking that it may be something interesting to introduce to our group. Now that you say you're thinking of scrapping SC's current rules, can you go into more detail about why you are doing this? What about the current rules do you not like, and why do you think SC should completely rewritten? For my group's gaming experience, reading your thoughts on this would be very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Awww...I *just* heard about this and came here, but the links to the rules and sheets are broken. Did you take them down pending development of the new system? I'd love to see the old version, if it's still publicly available.