Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blows off Dust

I see Eric with the mop and shovel, cleaning up, turning the lights on, brushing away the cobwebs.

Here's my character (for my own reference), current name Jaime Le (but that might change).


CASH: 2300ƒ


Anton Yamamoto: handler, patron, legal
Mrs. Park: fence (interface/crypto)

Corruption brand suit, red undershirt: +2 Charm
Adidas Ninja Shoes: +1 Stealth, +1 Athletics
Novasports Parkour Gloves: +2 Athletics
Aragami Shotbrace Armguard: +2 Firearms
Benchsteady Ender Folding Combat Knife: +4 Brawl
Chihaya Heavy Industries Vassal(tm) high-end computing platform: +2 Crypto
Dusit Thani Modified Linux 6.2.3: +2 Crypto
Aragami 14mm Pistol: +2 Firearms
Chihaya Heavy Industries Leg Exos: +2 Athletics
"Toolkit" (generic, shitty): +1 Tech

Looking forward to seeing what a parkour hacker yakuza face-man can do in the gritty world of franchise governments!

Four years

Until Mark mentioned it in his "Bite Sized AP" post on Story-Games, I'd forgotten that this blog even existed. I'll give you, the bored link-clicker, a quick update on what's happened in the past few years since I posted last.

  • We played a couple more sessions.

  • In an effort to "streamline" the system, I managed to present my players with one of the crappiest games I've ever run.

  • Embarrassed by how bad the game had become, not wanting to go back to a previous iteration, and otherwise occupied by life, I let the whole thing drop and proceeded to play nothing but proven game systems.

  • After playing a few wonderful sessions of Lady Blackbird, a long campaign of HELLAS, and a one-shot of TechNoir, I was inspired to re-visit the island.

  • Two or three iterations of rules later, I finally found something that I thought might be fun.

  • We played one playtest session, which consisted of 2.5 hours of game introduction & character creation followed by about 3 hours of actual play. Surprisingly, the system worked exactly as intended, and fun was had by all.
At this point we are looking at giving the game another shot this upcoming weekend. A few things have been added and tweaked here and there, but mostly it's just setting and clarifications. The rules are pretty solid as-is, so I'm trying my hardest to avoid altering them or adding things to them.

I'm looking forward to meeting Mark's character's paton, Louis XIV (that's Louie exEYEvee to you) and discovering how his interests intersect with those of Andy's patron, and owner/leader of the island Yakuza.